What is Creatrix?



Why do you need a different method to manifest successfully as a woman?
You may not realize it, but you have been manifesting all kinds of things in your life: you’ve been manifesting the good, the bad and – unfortunately – also the ugly. You are, of course, the creator of your own reality: you create it, or allow it.

When you’re using the law of attraction to manifest more money for example – and it doesn’t work – it’s important to look inwards: what are you feeling when you think about the subject ‘money’? Be honest about your feelings and thoughts.

Often it seems that there are severe emotions or beliefs involved, blocking you in your manifestation process. From experience I know how difficult it is to get rid of these emotions or beliefs. Creatrix® will lift these blocks directly and effectively. It takes the load off and it will create more space to manifest.

We often talk about negative emotions, myself included. We use the term out of convenience, because everyone can relate to the idea of negative emotions. The thing is, emotions are not negative at all! Each emotion is a signal, it’s a warning sign that guides you and tells you if you are on the right track – or not. If it’s the right path to the right destination, is another question to ask yourself.

Emotions are like an advanced GPS. Are you feeling jealous? DING DING… You want something someone else has! Are you feeling angry? BAM! Someone crossed your boundaries once again!

All these negative emotions are not easily changeable just by altering a different mindset. But why not? To follow up on the examples just mentioned: rationally, you know someone has crossed your boundaries and you know you’re angry. Does that make it possible for you to just think away your anger? NO, it’s not in your head, it’s in your body. You FEEL emotions, you don’t THINK them.

Apart from a mindset, you also have a very powerful heartset and gutset. To only get rid of mindset blocks, will never have sufficient effect.

Creatrix® knows how to handle this:

With Creatrix® you will learn to align your mindset, heartset and gutset. The energy that will be released during this process is very powerful and manifestation will be within reach.

Did you know that some emotions and beliefs are not even your own, but belong to your ancestors? When you enter the Creatrix® process, you will get rid of those old emotions and beliefs and will receive beautiful life lessons in return. It’s like you reset and reprogram your software, that will last you a lifetime!

To transform, is to change into the person you TRULY are. When you are closer to yourself and get rid of all those masks, you’ll feel empowered and you will manifest your ass off! Creatrix® will allow you to transform.

Want to know more about Creatrix®? Send me a personal email: Dounia@theboostcoach.com