Hi there!

How often do you look at yourself, wondering… IS THIS IT?


Honestly, you’ve tried… To “suck it up”. Push through. Work harder. Spend less. Settle. Cope. Deal with it.

“Be realistic!”

Who gets what they want, right?


Well, imagine for a second that you DID get what you really want. What would that look like? Do you even remember?


I know you feel stuck. You’ve mortgaged your future for a “fine” education, paid your dues & climbed the corporate ladder (one freaking step at a time). But after paying your monthly expenses, you’re left with ZERO – zero energy, fulfillment & cash.

It feels so unfair. So empty. So NOT what you’d envisioned for your life. Worse, you don’t know how to change the situation you’re in.

For the few seconds a day that your brain isn’t obsessing about the little big dramas of everyday life, you hear a voice. It’s faint, but undeniably there…

It whispers in your ear when you’re getting ready in the morning to spend your whole day in a job you hate. It sits next to you when you spend the evening at an office party with people that make you feel lonely.

It lies next to you in bed when you wake up in the middle of the night realizing you’re living only PART of the life you want.

What’s it saying?

THERE’S SO MUCH MORE TO LIFE THAN THIS (And you know it, baby. And NO, you’re not going crazy)




But the trouble is… you don’t know how! You’ve lost the key to creating the life you truly want – the job, the house, the partner…. Heck, there’s a part of you that’s so used to NOT getting what you want, you think it’s normal!

You find yourself at a crossroad: you want take control of your life and embrace a way of living that doesn’t feel like an uphill battle. You just don’t know what path leads there. Let me tell you…




In 2013 I returned to the office after my maternity leave. A long-held dream had been realized – I’d become a momma!

But life wasn’t as rosy as I’d imagined:

My daily grind existed of getting up early, feeding my baby and taking a quick shower. After that I dropped off my baby princess at the nursery (that hurt big TIME!) followed by standing in a traffic jam. Every morning I would arrive at work apologizing for being so exhausted. And I wondered…

WHY was I dragging myself through an experience that felt so wrong?

WHY did I keep pushing when all I felt was the desire to quit?

My life had spun out of control. I was on a never ending speed train to nowhere. And I wanted to get off!



One day, as I was sitting at the canteen table with my colleagues, I suddenly saw myself in helicopter view. I’d left my body. It was the weirdest experience. A voice came into my head and said…

“You don’t belong here anymore!”

It seemed to have dropped out of thin air. It spoke with a clarity that made my hair stand on end. What happened next?

“Poof!” the next day I was laid off! OUCH!! And… so not ouch.

I began to realize something very powerful had happened: I had manifested my own dismissal.

In that moment, I didn’t get the chance to soldier on or “get my shit together”. This was out of my hands – a blessing in disguise.

When I found myself at home, swimming in tears of indignation and despair over losing my job, I made a commitment. Instead of replying to work requests that were along the same line, I would do this:

immerse myself in the world of manifestation. To learn all I could about realizing my true potential.

Instead of feeling defeated & victimized, I took 100% responsibility for my life.

That moment I became the creator – this was it, no more HALF-existing – I wanted to have it ALL.




You’re powerful enough to change your life (whether it’s your money situation, your love life or anything else!) and manifest what you truly want.

I’m going to show you how.


Besides being certified up the wazoo, I also came up with my own, signature formula. It’s changed my life AND the lives of my clients beyond recognition.

I call it The BOOST Formula. It’s incredibly simple and goes like this:

This formula works like a giant wheel of fortune. Keep it spinning and your life will take the shape you desire – without struggle or burning yourself out.

Imagine what life would be like if you could naturally & effortlessly bring into reality those things you’ve always wanted – wouldn’t that be life changing?

You decide.


  1. When I was born my parents came up with a name I would’ve ditched as soon as I reached legal age, had they pushed it through. Thank goodness my sister loved Arabic literature. All my siblings got together, pulled straws and my sister won. My name, Dounia, means “The World”. My first manifesting feat!
  1. I also manifested an internship at Mango main office in Barcelona, including the friends & the apartment to make my stay unforgettable. It was just flawless and I had the time of my life (plus I got to live out my passion for fashion!).
  1. I ADORE house music. I feel a huge release every time I dance to it. 10 years ago you would find me in the dance club. These days though, you’ll find me dancing in the living room, joined by my side kick 4-year-old daughter. I instantly get into the flow, & problems that seemed unsurmountable before, suddenly seem tiny.
  1. I’m a bit of a drill sergeant (you’ve been warned!). But then again… I come from a family of strong, authentic and authoritative women. My mom was even considered a descendent of a holy tribe.
  1. I’m child number 10. So I’m really the Benjamin of the family. I’ve a brother who’s 25 years older than me.
  1. I freaking love Drop (a Dutch candy). My perfect day involves sticking my hand in a bag of Drop every three minutes and chewing away for hours. When we talk on Skype and you notice a black corner tooth, I’m guilty.
  1. As a toddler I would go exploring the streets, the markets, until a stranger would drop me off at the police station. I drove my mom & sisters absolutely berserk. Yep, super curious from the start!
  1. My dropdown gorgeous favo actor is Gerard Butler.
  1. I spoke in Real Madrid Arena for 78,000 people. In Spanish. 10 minutes before the game.
  1. I’m crazy about Roger Sanchez and I met him a couple of times. Yes, that was very much manifested & no I’m not a groupie. Really 😉


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